Monday, January 08, 2007

Pantyhose encasement self video

Youtube unfortunately doesnt allow more explicit video images, so I thought Id look for an alternative that does. Here is a video that I uploaded to youtube and it was removed for being inapropriate!

This is a short clip of a pantyhose encasement session which I carried out some time ago, regular readers will know the story! I am encased in three pairs of nylon tights that cover me from head to toe, I then secured myself inside the costume! Let me know if this interests you, I was thinking about putting up a 'how to' posting on this blog, a step by step guide on how to cover yourself from head to toe in pantyhose!!

Lets see if the pantyhose encasement video clip works ok?!



Let me know what you think, this is easily the most daring thing ive done so be kind to me :D!


Mistress Abigail said...

What a pleasent suprise to see this little video, I must admit I thought you were all talk and no action! Great hose videos too. Now I bet you would look really pretty in full lingerie, how about you let us see you in a nice stockings and garter set? With some nice panties too.

You mentioned before that you were interested in webcam play, id consider playing with you if you were prepared to engage in full encasement play, and id have a few conditons, let me know if you want to find out more...

fetishexplorer said...

yes, I used a webcam to make these vids, hence the poor qulity I guess lol! I have not actually used it to chat with someone over the net, but have considered doing it, I think it could be fun!

What would be your conditions?! Im not sure id fell comfortable dressing up like that infront of someone live but who knows...

Mistress Abigail said...

1.Session would be for an extended period ie an afternoon or even a whole day.
2.I would be in control of your every action in this time.
3.You will trust me to be safe and sane, however we may go out of your comfort zone.
4.You will be there to amuse and entertain me via the cam, my own little web slave, your priority will be to make me happy, even at yor own expense.
5.You will write an account here and include pictures/video.

I normally charge for webcam sessions, but make exceptions for interesting people I meet on the net. Any guys you talk to will know how hard it is to meet women prepared to cam with you for fun - just ask - you wont get many (any) other offers like this! Let me know if you are interested, the choice is yours...